Thursday, September 16, 2004

Why We Need Congressional Hearings: Thomas Sowell: Rather not

Here is the real reason we should ask Congress to hold hearings as a result of what we have found out about CBS. The hearings should be, however, not about the media per se, but about campaign finance reform-- The courts and the congress acted on the assumption that the media would either be neutral or would be evenly balanced. But, if the bias of the media is, as Evan Thomas says, worth 15 points then we really need to allow people the ability to counterbalance that.

Thomas Sowell: Rather not: " Evan Thomas of Newsweek is a liberal, but he is also candid enough to admit that there is a liberal bias in the way news is reported. He estimates that this bias is worth 15 percentage points in the polls for Democrats.

 If so, then Senator Kerry's poll numbers would be 15 points lower than they are -- which means he would be completely out of it -- if the media reported the news straight. But, with the liberal media spinning the news his way, Kerry is still in the running.

 Maybe that is why CBS' '60 Minutes' has run story after story about what George W. Bush supposedly did or did not do in the National Guard more than 30 years ago -- and why they seem not to have been too finicky about their evidence.

 The big question is how long the public will stand by the three big broadcast networks that used to have a virtual monopoly of television news and public affairs programs. Just last month, for the first time, a cable network -- Fox News -- had a larger audience for its broadcast of the Republican convention than any of the established big three broadcast networks had."

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