Monday, September 27, 2004

Is Halliburton Kerry's magic bullet?

The Online Beat: "Kerry should make the crony capitalism that has allowed Vice President Dick Cheney's corporation to become the dominant player in the management of the botched occupation and reconstruction of Iraq a part of every answer to every question. The Democrat should explain to Americans, again and again and again, that one of the primary explanations for the fact that the U.S. invasion of Iraq has turned out badly is the determination of this administration to assure that Halliburton be the primary profiteer in the region."

Thus speaks a "progressive" i. e. leftwing Blogger. The problem is that, as usual, he's leaving out a lot of relevant facts that should leave Kerry with more egg on his face. Let's start with-- Halliburton has lost 40 employees in Iraq-- i. e. dead. You have to pay people a lot of money to do what these people are doing in place that means they are running the risk of being beheaded. Second he is leaving out the fact that the Clinton administration used Halliburton too. Why? Because Halliburton is the only company capable of moving into place quickly and performing the contract.

So here is a question for Senator Kerry and all of the left wing Halliburton obssessors? What other company can do what Halliburton can do at the drop of a hat? My sources say-- no one.

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