Saturday, September 11, 2004


I have been truly consumed with the whole forged documents issue but have a deep sense of disquiet. Beslan is already out of the news. Why are we wasting so much time and energy on this forged documents issue? Because we are forced to by people who control the levers of big media power and who want to persuade us to elect their friends and darlings to office. These people don't care two cents for the children of Beslan, shot in the back as they ran for freedom.

Of all the terrorists acts, this one affected me most. I have a new grandson. To say he is the apple of my eye is to seriously understate how much I love him. There is something about the relationship that transcends parenthood. As you approach your declining years, as the inevitable wearing down of old age begins to work on you, here is this brand new person who is you and your beloved child and this other person who became a part of your family all in one. And this person is going to carry, you hope, a memory of you off into a future where you will be only in spirit. To kill these little innocents, to kill our future, is the depth of depravity and evil.

Yet one candidate and one party ignore this evil, will not call it by name, and prattle on about national guard service and 35 year old wars. So, like refugees who must answer every stupid question asked and fill out every dumb form, we impatiently try to do the necessary to win the election and protect our precious children. To the Democrats its just a game, where they win the spoils if they win the election. To me, it is the future for my grandchild, whether he will live in freedom or have to die fighting for it.

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