Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Perhaps this Blog from Mike Durett explains Kerry's orange color--too many cheetos

The Mike Durrett Show: My Diet Diary -or- Son of Blubber -or- Chinny Chins Chins -
Humor - 01/28/99
: "And, no, I didn't fall asleep under a tanning light. Yes, my skin is orange-tinged. As I told you last time, I ate a lot of Chee-tos.

178 lbs.             Jan. 20: Day 8

Three pounds lost due to embarrassment. Being orange frazzles the nerves.

Large and orange isn't so bad in itself. It's those incessant kids begging for Garfield the Cat's autograph. They all want a bite of my lasagnas, too.

I do expect this orange skin color to subside. I've substituted tomatoes for the Chee-tos. I don't eat nearly as many tomatoes, which is good; otherwise, I'd have more red neck than KKK hickeys."

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