Wednesday, September 22, 2004

We Must Repeal Mc Cain Feingold

The links between liberal politicians and liberal media are constantly being revealed. The engineering of a hoped for scandal by CBS and the Kerry campaign is just the latest example. World Net Daily shows the links between the New York Times and the decision requiring homosexual marriage in Massachusetts.

What does Mc Cain Feingold have to do with this? Mc Cain Feingold imposes serious restrictions on everyone EXCEPT the media. Mc Cain Feingold ASSUMED a neutral media. NOT. If the Republicans survive the 4 year media blitz to which they have been subjected in preparation for this election, they must parlay the CBS expose into a repeal of Mc Cain Feingold. That, along with repeal of Motor Voter are what is necessary to restore a fair, open playing field.

Cato Institute

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