Saturday, September 11, 2004

10 Reasons to Vote for George W. bush

I am tempted to say that all ten of them are National Security. But lets preface that, most of this election season, which started in November of 2000, has been devoted to a lot of nonsense issues raised by the Democrats. The Democratic Party could be accurately renamed the Trivial Pursuit party. They know a lot of useless trivia but they don't know how to run a government or defend a nation.

Unfortunately, we have been immersed in the trivia, debating how many black voters didn't get to vote in Florida as a result of bad procedures adopted by Democratic voting officials and how many national guard trianing sessions Bush missed. We have spent little or no time actually discussing the issues.
I learned a long time ago that when you vote for president you are voting for that man's party as well, so you have to take into account not only the candidate's record and platform, but the record and platform of his party as well. In listing my 10 reasons I am including, therefore, some thoughts on the Democratic party as well.

Reason number 1 to vote for Bush

National Security: The record of the Democrats is that they lack the spine to name and confront evil. The attacks of the Islamofascists started in 1972. They continued through 1979 when the Iranian mullahs took 52 hostages and Jimmy Carter couldn't figure out how to get them back, the attackson the Marine Barracks in Lebanon. I could go on. Clinton could have gotten the support of Congress to attack Afghanistan in 1998 when the embassies were bombed. Clinton didn't have the stomach for war. Larry Kudlow at NRO discusses this issue even better than I


Summary, the Republicans have the spine for the War on Terror. The Democrats Don't.

Reason Number 2 to Vote for Bush

He has an energy policy.

When you begin to really understand what is going on in the War on Terror, you understand that we need to revise our energy policy. We need to figure out how we can stop sending money to Saudi Arabia and other Wahabbist, maddrassa hate teaching, Jihadist Mosque supporting regimes, without completely destroying our economy. Kerry and Friends are MIA on this issue. Their solution is for us to all buy teeny tiny cars and turn off the air conditioners. That aint gonna work. We need to develop our own oil resources even if they are located in beautiful scenic areas. We can do it in an environmentally responsible manner. The DemoEnvironmentalist Wackos scream no matter how careful anyone wants to be about drilling . They are opposed to any new drilling or exploration. They have been successful in bringing new exploration in the U.S. to a complete halt. We need to reverse that insane policy. Bush has a program. We will try to expand our own oil reserves and try to move to alternative fuels, including hydrogen. It remains to be seen if hydrogen power can replace oil, but at least he has a realistic idea and is putting some money behind it. In the meantime we need to cut off the money to the Arabs slowly but surely.

Reason number 3 to vote for Bush

Tax cuts: Have you noticed the stock market goes up and down based on whether or not investors think Kerry is going to win? Kerry up, stock market down. Why? Taxes. Lower taxes lead to an expanding economy. How do I explain the Clinton years? Are they an anomaly of tax increases followed by an expanding economy? No. NAFTA was a gigantic tax CUT that offset the tax increases Clinton also adopted. NAFTA reduced tarriffs significantly and contributed to an economic boom both because our own tarrifs were cut and because Mexican and Canadian Tarriffs were cut. Tax cuts, even if the taxes cut are external tarrifs, lead to economic expansion. Remember how Smoot Hawley contributed to the depression by raising tarriffs? NAFTA was a reverse Smoot Hawley, passed by Republican votes because it was the right thing to do.

Reason number 4 to vote for Bush

The ownership society. The truth is that the chances that a person will work for one company for 30 years and get a company pension now approach zero. Kerry has no plan. Bush does. This group of proposals is not a government giveaway but allows tax benefits to allow people to save for their own retirement and plan for their own health care needs.

Reason number 5 to vote for Bush

The federal Marriage amendment. Speaking as a lawyer, Bush is absolutely right when he says that activist judges have made a constitutional amendment necessary. Briefly: the full faith and credit clause of the constitution requires each state to recognize the legal acts of evey other state. If you are legally divorced in Nevada, you are legally divorced in California, If you are legally married in Massachusetts, you are legally married in California. The federal defense of Marriage act exempts weddings but it is already pretty clear that some judge is going to call it unconstitutional. It takes years to amend the constitution, even if most people agree. If we wait unti lthe Supreme Court rules on this issue, and invalidates the Defense of Marriage Act, same sex marriage will become a fact of life before we can act. We have to act now.

Reason Number 6 to Vote for Bush

Education. I am not a big fan of No child left behind. But it is a beginning. The reason we have not been able to do anything about education because the Democratic party is controlled in this aspect by the teacher's unions who care only about increasing privileges and pay for teachers while simultaneously reducing any accountability whatsoever.

Reason Number 7 to Vote for Bush

Reducing government regulation. The clean water act regulations that Clinton passed at the last minute and that Bush repealed are a perfect example of the Democratic play book. Most people don't know that arsenic is a natural component in some water. Out here in California, some streams in parks or near population centers have to labeled so that people won't drink out of them. Why? Rain and snow as they melt seep into the ground and leach out arsenic deposits carrying them into streams and lakes. A very small amount of arsenic is not harmful. A large amount of arsenic will kill you. Under the Clinton regulations, which were not signed until about 60 days before he left office, the amount of arsenic permitted in water was reduced. Because most water with arsenic in it is in groundwater of streams near hills or mountains, these regulations mostly affected small rural communities who would have had to buy very expensive equipment to remove naturally occurring arsenic brom the streams and groundwater they used to provide municipal water. This was nothing but a political time bomb planted by the Clinton administration so that they could accuse the Bush administration of poisoning people.

which leads to Reason Number 8 to vote for Bush

The Democrats have ceased being serious people. Politics is nothing but a game to them. They are interested only in the jobs and the perks that go with power. They have no real program other than taking from some of the rich (not their friends) and giving to the people who keep the poor in poverty. The fact that their programs don't achieve their stated goals is immaterial to them because the real goal is to make lots of jobs for people who will owe them to the Democratic party and force Republicans to do all the heavy lifting.

Reason Number 9 to vote for Bush

Judges. We need to have judges who see themselves in a limited role -- who understand that they are not a super legislature that has the right to change any laws they don't like.

Reason Number 10 to vote for Bush

Hey-- he's smarter than Kerry-- look at who he hangs out with-- Rumsfield, Rice, Cheney, Powell. Look who Kerry hangs out with-- trial lawyers.

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Ralph said...

Reason #1 to vote against GWB

1. He is messing up the war on terror. The invasion in Iraq has alienated several million muslims who now support terrorism.

We should be instead reaching out to folks, so that they don't support terrorism in the first place.

My two cents.

2. Realistic energy policy: Iraq war costs money, a few hundred billion for defense. Fine. For what, to stabilize the region filled with oil, right? Obviously we agree this is a bad thing. Then pass on the costs to the on gas.

3. Bush cuts taxes significantly more for the top 1% of the population. Instead we should cut income taxes across the board.

4. I must admit I don't know much about this.

I think the bottom line is that we should vote for whoever will lead the country better. Clearly Bush has messed up with preventing terrorism and as you may know, he is setting new records in spending money. This is bad. Why reward him by voting him in again, when you can choose an alternative?