Thursday, September 16, 2004

Exhibit B that Bill Burkett is Schizophrenic

This is from Kevin Drum's interview with Bill Burkett. Remember how I said schizophrenics hear voices that the rest of us don't hear? He says he stuck his head in the room saw no one, withdrew his head and then heard a conversation coming from the same room in which he has seen no one. This is the supposed conversation in which he heard people planning to scrub Bush's file.

Now folks, classic shizophrenic delusion. Does he believe what he says? Probably. Is it true? Was the psychiatrist treating John Nash a Russian spy? It is beyond pathetic that these Bush haters belive this man. They are also taking advantage of a very sick man. It is despicable.

Calpundit: An Interview With Bill Burkett: "Following is the account of how Burkett overheard the conversation about 'cleansing' George Bush's National Guard files.

The occurrences here occurred in the early months, the spring months of 1997....I had meant to simply go in and, best I recall....I went in to ask a quick question, it was just a passing question, or maybe pass along some information, I don't remember specifically. I went into General [Daniel] James' outer office, Henrietta Valderes was not there, but the door was slightly ajar, I'd say roughly eight inches, and the reason I say eight inches is only because I wear a size seven and a half hat and I just basically stuck my head inside.

I heard voices, I figured somebody was on the blue couch or in the two wingback chairs that face his desk, and that's not seen unless you slightly stick your head inside the door. I stuck my head inside the door, saw that no one was there, and I was embarrassed. I stepped back and I waited for a second and I overheard this conversation.

And it was a short conversation that I overheard, I only heard a line or two of it, and I stepped out into the hallway because I was uncomfortable at this point."

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