Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Why You Should Vote for Bush in 250 Words or less

In 1971 John Kerry advocated that the US should withdraw from Viet Nam because no great strategic interest of the US was involved. He assured the Fulbright committee and the American people that the communists would kill maybe two or three thousand people. He reassured us that we would not be letting down our allies in South Viet Nam. We, all of us, followed his advice. Millions of people died because the US withdrew and the Khmer Rouge knew we would do nothing about the killing fields in Cambodia because we had no appetite for a war in Southeast Asia. Hundreds of thousands of our former allies who were not killed escaped in leaky boats and came here with nothing. John Kerry was deeply, completely horribly wrong. He has never admitted he was wrong. He says he is proud of what he did in lying about Viet Nam. Our actions there gave our enemies the belief that the U.S. is a paper tiger. That image of America has now changed because of George W. Bush, Afghanistan and Iraq. Now when our president threatens retaliation, other nations are afraid. It is true that many nations don't love us as much as they once did. But they all respect us more. Respect is more important than love. Grownups judge people by what they do not what they say. John Kerry has been in favor of cut and run and cutting defense his entire career. When George Bush threatens consequences, he carries out his threats. When John Kerry talks tough its just politics.

The whole world is waiting to find out if we are willing to back up George Bush's words. The world will be a better safer place for us and our children and grandchildren with George Bush in office.

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