Tuesday, October 19, 2004

This is What Appeasement Gets You

Reuters | Latest Financial News / Full News Coverage: "Spain arrests suspected bomb plotters
Tue 19 October, 2004 12:22

So, appparently the withdrawal of Spanish troops has not bought peace to Spain. There are still Islamic militants planning to bomb places in Spain. Anyone who believes that there is any other route to peace than killing the people who would kill us before they have the chance, is living in a dream world. At present that Dream World appears to include most of Europe. So sad.

By Estelle Shirbon

MADRID (Reuters) - Spanish police have arrested an eighth suspected member of a radical Islamic cell that was plotting to attack the High Court in Madrid, Interior Minister Jose Antonio Alonso says.

Police arrested seven suspected Islamic militants in raids across Spain late on Monday, which came seven months after train bombings by Islamic militants killed 191 people in Madrid.

'They were talking about an attack on the High Court or another judicial body but police are not ruling out other possible targets,' Alonso told reporters on Tuesday."

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