Friday, October 01, 2004

The Perfect Guy to Do a Post-Debate Commercial

Did the phrase "monday morning quarterback" come to your mind during the debate? It did to mine. I'm not a big football fan, but I understand how easy it is to look at a game after it has been played and say "I could have done better". Sure, its easy to do after looking at the game tapes and seeing how the game came out. It's not so easy when you are the quarterback and down on the field.

So far we are winning. Bush is our quarterback. He's doing a good job. it isn't won yet. But we are winning.

We need to get that point across to the undecided. Who better than Bo Schembechler? or maybe Mike Ditka? Or maybe both.

BO SCHEMBECHLER: Bush has proved himself a leader : "BO SCHEMBECHLER: Bush has proved himself a leader

October 1, 2004


The potential to lead often emerges under the pressure of difficult situations. Whether it is a young football player coming in the game at a critical moment and performing above expectations, or a first-year president rising to an unprecedented challenge, such times call for the determination, courage and decisiveness only found in true leaders.

I like to think most people would agree that I know football. I also know a little something about character, commitment and leadership. The past three years, President George W. Bush has dealt with situations no president has ever faced, and he has emerged as one of the most principled leaders our country has ever seen. What I find remarkable and admirable is that the president has risen to the challenge every time: confronting unprecedented threats to national security and displaying the resolve to carry America through the tough times.

He is dedicated to defending our nation at home and abroad. And he defends through smart offense -- bringing the war to the terrorists so we don't have to fight them again here at home."

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