Tuesday, October 19, 2004

10 Reasons again To Vote For George W. Bush

I am posting a link to the 10 reasons I set forth before. In short

1. National Security-- He has the cojones to go after the terrorists, the Dems don't. Read the record, believe what they do not what they say.

2. Energy Policy-- Any comprehensive strategy for combatting terrorism must include a policy that leads to energy independence so that we aren't funding terrorists every time we fill our tanks. We will never achieve that with a policy of conservation. We can't support an expanding economy with conservation.

3. Gay Marriage-- The Dem strategy is to stand back and let the judges force it on us. Bush's strategy is constitutional amendment. If this were the only important issue to you in the election you would HAVE to vote for Bush. We will have gay marriage if Kerry is elected.

4. Education. The teacher's unions OWN the Democratic Party (except for the part George Soros Owns) They will oppose any change in schools which makes schools accountable to parents. They will ask more money which will be spent on administrators and salaries. GWB's No Child Left Behind isn't great but it is a step in the right direction.

5. The ownership society. Establishing individual control over everyday health care costs is an important contribution to reducing them. Bush's health care savings accounts are a radical recasting of control in the health care area, much like Apple's challenge to 'IBM (individual computers vs. everyone connected to a mainframe) Same is true for retirement benefits.

6. Control over medical malpractice costs. Again plaintiffs lawyers own Kerry Edwards. This is part B of controlling health care costs.

7. Judges, judges, judges,-- this affects every other issue-- will we be a government of elite judges or will we be a democracy? The Dems have shown their true colors. They will fight as hard as they will fight for anything (I originally put in to the death, but many of them wouldn't fight for anything to the death) to preserve the right of judges to run the government.If you want a government of legislatures, governors and elected officials, vote for Bush.

8. Tax Cuts-- Kerry will raise our taxes. Clinton said he wouldn't but he did. The only good thing Clinton did was Nafta, which did cut our taxes and he did it with Republican votes.

9. Better smarter people-- We are electing a team. The team of Rice, Rumsfeld and Powell is smarter and better than the team of Halfbright, Berger and Holbrooke. These Clintonistas should not be given a second chance to screw up our foreign policy.

10. What might be called world cred-- Bush has set out to kick terrorist butt. He has done a pretty good job of it so far. If we unelect him the message to the terrorists is the same one they got from Somalia, if we kill enough Americans they will turn tail and run. see www.themesopotamian.com If we send that message it will set us back many many years in the war on terror and hundreds of thousands of Americans and millions of other people will die. (Look at what happened when we withdrew from Viet Nam. John Kerry either a) lied or b) didn't know what he was talking about when he told the Fullbright committee that perhaps 2,000 or 3,000 people would die if we withdrew our troops from Viet Nam. Millions died. It will happen again if we listen to him.)

FAITH HOPE AND CHARITY: September 2004: "10 Reasons to Vote for George W. bush"

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