Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The Soros-Kerry Nexus

This is one of the most frightening facts in this election. George Soros has set out to buy it through a carefully calculated strategy of making it illegal for rich people to fund the Republican party while allowing rich people, including himself, to fund the Democrats. As Jesse Unruh often said, money is the mother's milk of politics. The source of the money is, ultimately, the controller of the party. If you want to know why there is an alliance between the left and the Muslims, look to George Soros. He is a clever man who is fabulously wealthy. Having tired of simply making money he has now determined to take over the greatest nation in the world and one of the parties of that nation has willingly sold out to him. The press considers him a worthy statesman. Perhaps he already owns them as well. The real danger in this election, as awful as it may seem, is not John Kerry. It is George Soros. Soros has no morals, no core beliefs other than the belief that if he can run the world, he should.

FrontPage magazine.com :: The Soros-Kerry Nexus by Rachel Ehrenfeld and Shawn Macomber: "Aside from desperately attempting to make John Kerry president, what other cause has George Soros bankrolled? One joint venture between the Tides Foundation, one of potential first lady Teresa Heinz-Kerry’s favorite charities, and Soros’s Open Society Institute is the Democratic Justice Fund, which FrontPage Magazine’s Ben Johnson has noted, “seeks to ease restrictions on Muslim immigration to the United States, particularly from countries designated by the State Department as ‘terrorist nations.’”


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