Tuesday, October 19, 2004

If You Had Any Doubts About the Need for a Constitutional Amendment, Read This

The anti-marriage agenda supported by the Democratic Party is still in full swing. It depends entirely on judges imposing their minority views on whole states, one state at a time. They will ignore the desires of the voters. By the stand they have taken the Democrats have earned the righteous disdain of all persons who value families. The Dems do not have the guts to say that they support homosexual marriage so they just step aside and let the courts do it. Plural marriage will not be far behind.

Officials to fight ACLU lawsuit - The Washington Times: Metropolitan - October 19, 2004: "Officials to fight ACLU lawsuit

By Robert Redding Jr.

A group of Maryland lawmakers yesterday said they will file an appeal to oppose an American Civil Liberties Union lawsuit that aims to force Baltimore and four counties to accept same-sex 'marriages.'
    'We have asked to be permitted to intervene so that we might be able to put out a serious and truthful defense of Maryland's marriage statute,' said Delegate Donald H. Dwyer Jr., Anne Arundel County Republican.
    The lawmakers — seven Republicans and one Democrat — were rebuffed last month by Baltimore Circuit Court Judge M. Brooke Murdoch, who ruled that the lawmakers could not join the defendants in the ACLU lawsuit. The defendants are Dorchester, Prince George's, St. Mary's and Washington counties and the city of Baltimore."

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