Thursday, October 07, 2004

The Left and Anti-Semitism Are One in the Anti-War Movement

In this article, which defends Arabs and refers to Israel, implicitly as occupied Palestine, we see the rabid anti-semitism of the left. This is part of the overall increasing identification of the left with thuggish, oppressive regimes whereever they can be found.

Norman Madarasz: American Neocons and the Jerusalem Post: "Through a forced equation linking democracy with human goodness, the only worthy country in the Middle East would be Israel. For those who still remain incredulous about an infiltration of the American government by Israel's Likud party, it is easy to blog on to how Richard Perle, the Pentagon strongman and former head of the commercial propaganda war machine known as the Defense Advisory Board, worked on policy analysis for Benjamin Netanyahu's presidential campaign. It is even easier to thumb through the pages of Daniel Pipes' book on 'Islamism'. Then, turn to the pages of the Jerusalem Post, and notice how both Pipes and Perle are among its closest associates."

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