Monday, November 29, 2004

Understanding the Middle East Game Plan

Because the MSM is so biased against the war in Iraq, it is positively stupid about what is going on in the Middle East and fails completely to understand the game plan. Too many Democrats are really too stupid about international politics to be allowed ever to be in charge.

It is true that Iran is more a danger to us than Iraq. So Japan was a danger in WWII yet we never invaded Japan. How could that be? We invaded the Phillipines who were not our enemy. In this case, like what was going on during WWII we have an enemy that is Islamic Fascism. We are taking out the weaker links first. We must establish a beachhead, so to speak in Iraq, to be able to go after Iran. We may never physically invade Iran. Each war is different. Iranians mullahs clearly understand what is going on , that is why they are lending support to the "insurgents". A democratic, western leaning Iraq on one side with a democratic, western leaning Afghanistan on the other presents a terrible danger to the mullahs. It is all about geopolitics-- i. e. the territory which is controlled and how it enhances or subtracts from one's ability to make war. In other words, by fighting in Iraq, we ARE fighting the Iranian mullahs. There is no question about it.

Iran Focus-News - Iraq - Iranian agents captured in Falluja: "Iranian agents captured in Falluja %A0%A0 Sat. 13 Nov 2004

Iran Focus

Baghdad, Nov. 13 - Ten Iranian agents were arrested during a raid on a local mosque in Falluja following attacks by coalition forces. News of the arrests came at a press conference by the heads of the multinational and Iraqi forces in Falluja.

The mosque had been housing at least 300 militants with 110 of them confirmed to be foreign nationals.

The latest arrests follow a string of reports blaming Iran%92s religious regime of backing insurgencies in an attempt to halt the democratic process in Iraq.

The head of security in Soleimaniya (northern Iraq), Brigadier General Sarkout Hassan Jalal, said earlier this week, %93Paramilitary forces secretly bring fresh forces from Iran into Iraq, and then take them to Falluja and other places.%94

The Al-Sabah daily wrote on Nov. 8, %93Iraqi National Guard forces arrested eight Iranians as they were blowing up food storages and other centers in Kut. After preliminary interrogations of those arrested, it became clear that they were blowing up a storage room where election ballots were stored. Voters will receive one of these cards to participate in the upcoming elections by showing their birth certificate.%94

Last week, Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi urged the European Union to use its influence over Iran to stop them from 'fuelling violence' in his country. Iraqi President Ghazi al-Yawar also accused Iran of orchestrating attacks in Iraq. 'Iran is playing a negative role in Iraq. It is behind the assassination of more than 18 Iraqi intelligence officers. It is also playing a negative role in southern Iraq,' Yawar told Kuwait's Al-Qabas newspaper.

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