Sunday, November 28, 2004

Religious Scientists

1 SOSc

In honor of all of the religion bashing that has gone on since the election, I am linking to this humble website. It is the website of the Society of Ordained Scientists. How's that? you say. Each of the members of this organization is a) a published scientist and b) ordained as a priest or minister. No, I am not kidding. And it has a reasonably large membership.

If you want to find some thoughtful, educated discussion of the issues of science and religion, start here. Sometimes the reading is, to put it blntly, hard slogging. These are, after all, people who are doubly brilliant and professional.

Rather than engage in arguments with the people who flatter themselves by saying that no intelligent person could (unlike themselves) believe in a fantasy God, we should simply point to people who have more credentials as scientists than say, Bill Maher, who not only believe in God but who have taken the time and trouble to become ordained.

The best response to those who claim that apples do not exist is to show them an apple.

C. S. Lewis suggested that those who refuse to believe in God have emotional reasons. I think he was right. People who deny the existence of God tend, in my experience, to be either people who are very angry at what has happened to them in life or are people who want to be able to do whatever feels good and do not like the idea of a non self centered morality.

Such a philosophy when adopted as a life principle tends to be self destructive because it is, at its heart, nihilistic. Lewis has much to say about this in Mere Christianity and The Screwtape Letters.

Life without God becomes life without meaning if one meditates very much and very honestly on the issue. Human beings have a neurological need for God. See Why God Won't Go Away by Andrew Newberg, et. al.

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