Monday, November 15, 2004

In memoriam Lt. James P. Blecksmith

George S. Patton, Jr., originally uploaded by sdsali.

I didn't know Lt. Blecksmith personally. He died last week, in Fallujah. the picture above is of a statue of General Patton, who died in World War II. It stands in the garden of Church of Our Saviour, San Gabriel. The church that George Patton, James Blecksmith and I all have attended.

When I go there I know I walk where heroes have walked.

Lt. Blecksmith was a Marine. He was only 24. He was loved by his mother and father and his brothers and sister and friends. He died doing something he believed in. He died trying to make the world safer for me and mine. And for that, I am eternally grateful.

For now the battle for Fallujah seems to be won. It may not be until my son's or my grandson's generation that we will know if the War on Terror is won, finally and for certain. But I already know that our soldiers are finer than we could hope or expect and that we owe them an enormous debt of gratitude. Thank you Marines. Thank you soldiers.

Well done, good and faithful servants. Well done.

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Anonymous said...

I did know JP. I went to highschool with him. He was a good person. You could see it in him that he always wanted to do the right thing. He had great personal strength. I lost contact with him after highschool. I knew he was attending the naval acadamy, but never thought of him in harm's way. I'm proud of him for all he accomplished and sorry that he won't do more. I hope his family knows how proud he makes all of us, and how grateful we are. We should all strive to be so good. God bless him for being our protector.
Thank you JP,