Monday, November 08, 2004

The Gay Agenda Has Not Stopped

Gay News From "(San Francisco, California) A bill that would make same-sex marriage legal in California will be one of the first items on the agenda when the new session of the state Assembly convenes says the man who wrote the legislation.

Assemblymember Mark Leno tells the San Francisco Chronicle that he is not concerned that all eleven states which had constitutional bans on the ballot last week passed the measures.

Leno says that he has broad bipartisan support for his bill.  Although it does not specifically mention same-sex marriage it redefines the definition of marriage from a contract 'between a man and a woman'' to a contract 'between two persons.''   

The San Francisco Democrat, who is openly gay, said that Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez and about 30 other legislators plus Treasurer Phil Angelides, Controller Steve Westly and Secretary of State Kevin Shelley support the bill."

Nevermind the California Constitutional Amendment that specifically states that marriage is between one man and one woman. And why? Because the right people really want it. Why is it that, to the left, what they want is always more important than what anyone else wants? Because they are, as Tammy Bruce notes, malignant narcissists.

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