Thursday, November 11, 2004

From one Theo to Another in Holland

Dhimmi Watch: "While the Arab-European League accused the Dutch immigration minister of giving a 'Hitler speech' at a rally in protest at van Gogh's murder, the Dutch know who the real Hitlers are. Even the most liberal society is illiberal when it is a question of survival. The Dutch see those who dream of Europe under a revived caliphate as a threat to their way of life. The prospect of Islamist imams imposing sharia law on Dutch cities amounts, they feel, to a new Nazi occupation

Unlike his great, great, great uncle Vincent, Theo van Gogh was not a genius. Was he really an artist at all? But van Gogh's murder has proved him right about the hardline Islamists. Their ideology is inimical to all that the Dutch hold dear. Last night, as van Gogh's cremation was seen on television, the tension was palpable. Holland is now the crucible of Europe. Not even the most tolerant people on earth can tolerate the Islamists."

When I first read this story, I thought my brain was confused. Theo Van Gogh-- wasn't that the brother of Vincent, the one who supported him and took care of him. Well, this the was a great great grandson, apparently, of that Theo. He made a movie about how Muslims treat women. I watched it on the net, it wasn't great, but it was critical. For this action. of telling the truth of Muslims and women, told by women who had been Muslim, he was murdered in broad daylight on a Dutch street. Apparently, the Dutch are, at last, offended. Perhaps the tide will turn before Eurabia becomes a reality.

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