Monday, November 08, 2004

Another Orwellian Label-The reality Based Community The Reality-Based Community — Read in the White House: "There is the faith-based community and the reality-based community. In the reality-based community we have such odd bedfellows as Patrick Buchanan, John Kerry and Jim Wallis (a Sojourner minister who has met with Bush on several occasions). As Matthew Yglesias notes, we may have finally found the unifying theme for the 'anti-Bush coalition'. Reality.

Gene Healy has suggested that we start printing and wearing 'Reality-Based Community' t-shirts. It may not be a bad idea."

Reality based? Cut me a break. The left continually tries to create their own reality and when reality does not conform to their ideas they ignore it.

Here is some reality: RE: Same sex marriage: My ex, who is gay,and I still see each other and have a bond some 30 years after we were divorced. What is it? Our children. His children are my children. Our Grandchild. There is a sense, which any parents can tell you, in which you will always be married to the person with whom you produced children. Your lives are inextricably tied together in a way that cannot ever be replicated in a same sex relationship. When we look at that little carrier of both of our DNA, he's the same little guy and that same biological urge to protect and promote and save, hits us both. It takes a man and a woman to have a baby. That's reality.

On the issue of babies, by the way, the left goes way beyond Roe v. Wade, which held that states could not prohibit abortions BEFORE the baby is viable. Unfortunately for NARAL and the doctrinaire left, medical science keeps moving that line back. Further, NARAL insists on the right to have and "abortion" right up until the baby is delivered, completely and naturally. Newsflash to the left, partial birth abortion, which NARAL has made a test case is different from an early delivery only in the fact that the baby is killed before it leaves the womb. The reason for that is that these so called abortions are performed late in a pregnancy when, if the baby is not killed before it leaves the womb, it might well survive. You can pretend all you want that that physical object that has a heart beat and a brain and which will breathe on its own once it is allowed to be born without being killed is not a baby, but those of us in the real reality based community know, that it is a baby, a small human person.

We know that, for example, if the person who killed Laci Peterson had pulled her baby from the womb, he would likely still be alive.

This is reality. The truth is the left is constantly engaged in spinning and denying reality so as not to have to see the consequences of the self centered agenda that they advocate.

With regard to the war-- the truth is that the islamofascists want to kill us because we are not islamofascists, that most of the civilians who have died in the war are the victims of arab terrorists not U. S. troops and that we must end Islamofascism if we are to live safely in this world.

That's the reality. Somehow, we who have faith in a greater power seem to be more able to face reality than the faithless so called reality based community. They find reality way too painful so they spin it which is a nice way of saying they lie to themselves and others about it. Babies or old people inconvenient because they make us either be responsible for others or face or own selfishness?-- No problem, lets pass laws allowing for abortion of even perfectly formed, adequately mature babies in the womb and assisted suicide laws. That way we can get rid of the helpless inconvenient life that would draw us away from our higher pursuits of patting each other on the back.

Do I sound angry? Well, I am.

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