Sunday, March 04, 2012

On Birth Control, Rush Limbaugh ETC.

The whole contraception issue is a phony issue created and pursued by the liberal press in an effort to re-elect Obama. But, for the record. Birth control pills can be purchased in their generic form from Target Pharmacy, among others, for $4.00 per month. These are facts the liberals don't want you to know. So Sandra Fluke is a less than honorable person. She is an Anti-Catholic bigot being helped by the liberal press to impose her views on the Catholic Church. And why? The statists believe in the First Commandment even more than Jews and Christians do. For the religiously illiterate, the first commandment is "thou shalt have no other Gods before me". The statists believe that no other institution than the State may be allowed to have any claim on your behavior. Not the church, not your family, not any religious belief. That state must be all and rule all in their view. They will permit you to express your religious belief in private behind closed doors while they freely mock you in public. How do they square their fawning over Islam with this view on religion? They erroneously believe in their elitist fantasies that the Muslims are such primitive people that when properly educated, Muslims will stop believing in Islam. These are the sort of people who learn nothing from history. Chechyn rebels anyone?

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