Thursday, February 02, 2012

Low Carb Thoughts

So, I am a low carber because it works.  That is, I limit my consumption of carbohydrates in hopes of a) maintaining a lower weight and b) not developing diabetes as my sister, mother, father and cousin did.  So far, no diabetes and lost 25 pounds.

Now to the helpful hints:  If you live in the Southern California area you can  buy either Sara Lee Lite breads or Oroweat light bread.  Both have substantially reduced carb counts, taste pretty decent are available at lots of stores and don't cost a fortune. The net carbs for two slices of bread range from 8-10 Its the bread I eat.  Several slices a day.

It's important, if you want to stay on a low carb diet, to identify foods that feel like treats.  So, bread can definitely be one of them.

Another hint:  Avocados, peanut butter (the kind where the ingredient list says peanuts, salt and NO SUGAR) frozen strawberries without sugar added.  Real coconut milk that comes in a can and is very thick adds a nice creamy taste to shakes and not a lot of carbs.

Swiss Miss Diet cocoa with half and half, cream or coconut milk can be very tasty as well.

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