Monday, March 19, 2012

GCB:ABC attacks the idea of Goodness

First, no, I have never seen the series and I don't intend to watch it ever.  The whole idea of the series is not just an attack on Christianity.  It is an attack on the idea of goodness.  The first proposed name of the series, Good Christian Bitches, says it all.  People who call themselves "good" are, in reality, nasty mean and evil.  The purpose of the name, and of the series, is to blur the differences between good and evil.  Whether the series creator has this goal specifically in mind is irrelevant, it is a social meme which he has picked up and is carrying out.  Sort of like when rappers call women "hoes"  they do not think gee, how can I belittle women.  They just do it.  

We have several generations in our society who live in almost complete ignorance of the true history of Christianity.  They have absorbed so many false memes from an anti-Christian popular culture that they believe them without even thinking about them.  They think, for example, that it was the church that brought on the so-called "dark ages".  In fact, the so-called "dark ages", i. e. the medieval period after the fall of the Roman Empire, were brought on by non-Christian hordes from the North who  invaded and physically destroyed Rome. The keepers of the intellectual flame during the medieval period were, largely, church related institutions, including monasteries and the Vatican.  Oxford University's motto reflects its religious origins.

The anti-Christian left is, in truth, against all religion, but it attacks Christianity first and foremost because Christianity is the world's largest religion.  Leftists claim to be moral relativists, but really, what that means, is no morality at all.  What is moral, to a relativist, is that which benefits him or her most.  So killing a baby is okay because it makes the mother feel better.  The baby might inconvenience the mother.  Old people might inconvenience younger people so kill them.  

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