Sunday, March 04, 2012

An Open Letter toSandra Fluke, Nancy Pelosi and their Friends at NOW

Dear Ms. Fluke et. al.

Last week presented what some might call a teachable moment.  That is, there was a lot of debate about the cost of contraception.  Ms. Fluke, unfortunately, you and your friends assumed that women should have to pay for contraception.  That is just plain wrong Ms. Fluke.  I can understand how a young woman in high school might fall for that argument, but you are a law student at a highly regarded law school, Ms. Fluke, and I had hoped for better from people who have made it to that elevated status in society.

Here's the thing, Ms. Fluke.  Condoms not only prevent conception, they also prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.  Okay, they don't completely prevent such transmission, but they cut the risk very significantly.  And I hope you will pardon my old fashioned attitude Ms. Fluke.  Men should pay for condoms.  Now I can already hear the young women moaning and complaining that some of the men they sleep with don't like to wear condoms, much less pay for them.  As a woman who has had a few years to mature, Ms. Fluke, you had the opportunity to tell other women and particularly young women who have not yet learned this lesson, if he doesn't even want to pay for the condom, really, don't have sex with him.  He doesn't care about you.

Even if you are in to sex without commitment, surely you want to restrict your sexual partners to that group of men who actually have the decent regard for your well-being that a friend would have.  Don't you.  I mean, would you even voluntarily have lunch with someone who made his or her disdain for your welfare as clear as a cold, still lake in the morning?  To put it crudely, if he won't have sex with you if you require that he wears a condom, you're just a vessel for his penis to him.  Such a relationship cannot be classified as friends with benefits, because, really, he's not your friend.  I know what I am talking about.  I won't get specific, but I have a known more than one or two men.

Save yourself from a broken heart.  Don't even be involved with a guy who refuses to wear a condom when he has sex with you.  If he won't even wear a condom, where do you think he will be when you have gonorrhea or chlamydia or, God forbid, get pregnant out of wedlock?   Gone with the Wind.

So this is a teachable moment for young women.  Don't trust men who won't wear a condom, because they are not trustworthy.  They will treat you like kleenex and throw you away when they are done.  This leads to feelings of low self esteem, shame and failure to make the phone call the next day.  Trust me, if he didn't respect you enough to wear a condom, he sure as heck isn't going to respect you in the morning.  This doesn't mean anything at all about your value as an individual.  Men who have that attitude toward women are jerks and other things I am too polite to put on this web page.  The person whose personality is stunted in that situation is the guy who refuses to wear a condom so as to protect you.   Instead of the litmus test, it's the condom test.

Follow my advice and you will see that this simple test will screen out  at least some of the loathsome gigolos and losers who have been befouling your lives.  And, in the long term, you will feel better about yourself because you will be acting like a girl who is not so desperate for male companionship that she will allow some man to endanger her health or change her life completely.

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