Wednesday, November 07, 2012

When Bad Elections Happen to Good People

For those of us who believe that Obama is a disastrously bad President, yesterday was very discouraging.  But many of us are also people of faith.  God is in charge.  I keep that in mind.  God has a plan to which we are not privy.

Perhaps something will change and he will not be the president he was the last four years.  But this is a reminder not to put your hopes in people but in God.

We have learned a lot as a result of this campaign.  It has been a more than a year long national discussion which has often been way less than civilized.  It has been a campaign, frankly, that tore away masks and let us see the people beneath.

To echo Kevin Dujan, the people of the U. S. have become much more comfortable with left wing ideology and victims of it than we had thought.  I cannot say the culture is at an all time low, because any impartial review of history demonstrates that we have been at cultural lows before that were pretty bad.  But one thing we have learned, really, is that there is very little good will towards those of us on the right from those on the left.  And I say that with sadness.  To them, compromise is that they let us live and give us the opportunity to see the light and become leftists.  That is just the fact.
Nevertheless if we want to make change we have to convert leftists into conservatives.  And that requires that we try to find common ground.  Many of us, like me, used to be supporters of the left and we are not any more.  So we need to reach out.

We know we will face disdain and contempt for simply being conservative.  We will be relentlessly demonized.  We need to know that the reason for that is that the left always needs people to paint as villains and we are the targets selected.  The reason the left needs targets is that their programs never really work.  So they need to blame someone for their failure.  Right now its us.  In Nazi Germany, and Russia, it was the Jews.   It is no accident that leftist ideologies result in tyrannical regimes.  The left believes that if only it can be in charge and apply its superior intelligence to the problems before us, the problems will all be solved.  But they never are.  So someone must be blamed and the blame is never on the policies.

In looking at what we face in the next four years we must remember that the world has seen much worse days and pray for God's protection against our own foolishness.  

Early Christians and Jews, and many contemporary Christians and Jews have not let the persecution directed against them stop them from speaking up and we must remember that and do the same.

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