Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The Racism of the Leftist Elites

The racism of the leftist elites was on display again this election cycle.  The party of southern segregation, aka the Democrat party, raised literally tens of millions of dollars to defeat two black Republican congressional candidates:  Mia Love and Allen West.   The money and energy  spent is  ten or twenty times as much as was spent on other races not involving black Republicans. Democrats have targeted these two people for one reason, they are  Black and Republican. It is part of a long history of attempting to destroy Black Republicans. And the reason is simple-- keep black people on the Democrat plantation where the Democrats have done nothing for them in fifty years.

This is an ongoing unspoken policy for the left.    It was in full view when the left attacked Clarence Thomas during the nomination process for Supreme Court.  And the left continues to attack Thomas intermittently to make sure his reputation never comes back.  The left demonizes any outspoken person who they deem to be a person who should belong to them.

This isn't an accident.  The left puts its coalitions together, not based on issues, but on identity politics.  "You need to vote for us because we will protect you from the evil other guys" is their primary message.  It is the reason for the phrase "people of color".  That phrase was invented by the left to unite people of widely disparate cultures, histories and ethnic identies.  It is made necessary by the numbers.  It helps the left reach the electoral numbers it needs.  So its message is "your color is the most important characteristic you have."  They persuade black, Hispanic and other ethnic minorities that they cannot have a fair chance to succeed in this country because of the color of their skin.  And it works even when the most powerful person in the world who was elected with millions of white votes, is black.   The left preaches a deep and primitive tribalism with a contemporary gloss.  So  when someone from a tribe they think they own, like black people, defects they have to punish and destroy that person. Because they have to hold the tribe they have created together.  Any defection, no matter how small,  is a threat to their coalition of the envious and dispossessed with the rich left that exploits them.  When Mia Love appeared at the Republican convention, a metaphorical  target was painted on her back by the left.  Allen West was already targeted.

And who is the rich left?  Jon Corzine, George Soros, and all of Hollywood come to mind.  And, surprisingly, there are a lot bankers in there like the former head of Countrywide. Angelo Mozillo and  former Treasury secretary, Hank Paulsen.  They position themselves as the benevolent godfathers who protect the poor and disenfranchised.  But in reality, they exploit the poor and middle class by using the government to restrict  the opportunity of anyone, including women, minorities and gays, from competing with them.  And they use the government to carry out their exploitative schemes which involve creating programs that supposedly benefit the poor but curiously always involve the purchase of stuff from the rich.  An example is the free cell phone program.  And while they tell you they want to tax the rich, the people they really tax are the middle class.  That free cell phone program?  Have you ever noticed an item on your phone bill called Universal Access fee?  That's used to buy free cell phones for poor people.  Are you rich? Yet you're being taxed.

The racism of the liberal elites is not a deep visceral thing.  It is a practical, political thing.  People who are divided by race, sex, age and background, people who are made to feel that their ladyparts or skin color or sexual orientation are much more important than the fiscal and social issues, are much easier to manage.  The rallies are all about we're the good guys and they're the bad guys and our good guy leaders are going to protect us from those awful bad guys.   The discussion on the left is  rarely about what allows an economy to prosper, or supports our freedom because those are losing issues for the left.  History condemns them on that score.  The leftist ideology tells them they should not even try to win on the issues because all of us proletarians are too stupid to know what's good for us.  So Bread and Circuses for the stupid class who turns most of the fruit of their labors over to their betters in humble gratitude.  That's the leftist game plan.

Conservatives must understand this psychology and fight back.  Many people who are immigrants like Mia Love, have conservative values as she does.  But the election results tell us that most of those people voted for Obama.  The reason is that they don't trust the Republican establishment.  Sarah Palin understood the need to reach out to women and minorities in the most important way, by supporting young, articulate and attractive candidates who are women and ethnic minorities.  That support says, "you are one of us".  "We trust you". "We want you in our party, not just as voters, but as leaders."   And here's something really important that Republicans need to understand, we don't need to win a majority of the "minority" vote.  We just need to win more of it.  Michael Medved recently pointed out that if Romney had won the same percentage of the Black and Hispanic vote that George W. Bush did, he would have won the election.

There are plenty,  perhaps a majority of "minority" voters who are pro-life, who favor hard work, thrift and taking care of your own.  There are many gay conservatives as well.  They need to be included in Republican leadership.  The Tea Party has welcomed all of these candidates and supported many of them.  It's time for the Republican leadership to do the same.

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