Friday, November 09, 2012

A Message to Chris Christie

I'm really posting this because I want a record of my prediction.  Dear Chris, you just sold out your party and the guy who gave you a bully platform at the Republican convention,  i. e. Mitt Romney.   And please don't give me all your Barbra Streisand about its what a governor should do.  Bloomberg didn't do it and he actually endorsed Obama.   Some people think you are just politically tone deaf.  I don't think you are.  I think you didn't get to be governor of New Jersey being politically tone deaf.  I think you did it for your political advantage.  You are running for re-election next year.  Or scheduled to.  I hope you made a deal to get a presidential appointment.  Not because I think you would do a good job but because it is a shame to see someone sell out his birthright and not even get a mess of pottage in return.

Here's my prediction if you are planning to run for re-election.  The pundits say that Cory Booker is going to run against you.  My prediction is that there will be a few stray Republicans who endorse Cory Booker because he seems intent on positioning himself as a pro-business moderate.  And I will put up ten dollars that says that our newly re-elected president will come to New Jersey and campaign against you.  And he will use all of the identity themes he used in this election.  And, here's a clue, you are not the right identity.  You are Republican and white.  If you thought, even for one minute, you were buying yourself some protection by helping to tip the election to Obama, well, you are wrong.  You betrayed the people who depended on you.  Don't expect a lot from the Republican bench.  As for the Tea Party, truly, don't expect anything.   I really think we are not that stupid.  Heck, I think Cory Booker had more kind words for Mitt Romney than you did.

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