Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Reversing Economic Decline:The Biggest Reason to Vote for Romney

Mort Zuckerman, over at U. S. News and World Report, sets forth in detail the depth of the problems in our economy.  He concludes "A job is the most important family program, the most important social program, and the most important economic program in America. The unemployment and income statistics are intolerable for a compassionate and wealthy nation.".  Romney says he will produce 12 million new jobs.    It's fair enough to question how he will do that.  The answer is that he will scale back regulation, keeping what is reasonable, ditching what is unreasonable.  Will he do that job perfectly, probably not, but I am pretty sure he will solicit information from businesses as to what they need and then will figure out where they are right and where they are pushing back too hard. 

The truth is, as I said when I opposed him for the Republican nomination, Romney is a moderate.  He will, most likely stay toward the center.  He will most likely get rid of the most onerous and stupid regulations and leave the rest alone.

He will try to scale back the corporate income tax.  He will try to expedite development and permits.  He will try to recapture the Keystone Pipeline and will expedite other pending permits.  Oil prices will drop in anticipation.  

But perhaps the most important thing he will accomplish will happen when the polls close and Romney wins, if he wins.  That is that business owners and venture capitalists will heave a great sigh of relief, and, believing that NOW they will be dealing with a guy who isn't out to put them out of business, will get back to the creative role of business, creating new services and new products.  They will feel freer to invest and that will mean more jobs.  And the rising tide of jobs and falling energy prices will ease the economic pressures and the economy will begin to grow again.

That's why I'm voting for Mitt Romney.

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