Thursday, October 18, 2012

Paul Ryan's Missing Children

The left has another lunatic  story that is making the rounds.  It started out on a so-called reality check website, and has been picked up by Daily Kos.  The claim is that Paul Ryan and his wife are lying about using contraception because they have only three children.   The story is so crazy that it is worth studying because it is an excellent example of the self created plastic bubble in which the left lives.   Some leftwing idiot starts pondering some aspect of a conservative politician's life and then piles assumption upon inference upon invention to create "proof" of some evil hypocrisy or lie in the conservative's life.  This piling on of unfounded inferences and imaginations is referred to by the left as "logic" and "reason".  In truth, it rather closely resembles the fantasies of schizophrenics.  Remember "A Beautiful Mind" and the room where Nash had posted magazine and newspaper articles connecting disparate events to find conspiracies that didn't exist?  Yeah.  Something like that.

Anyhoo, the new meme, based on faulty science, is that Paul Ryan and his wife would have many more children if they did not use any birth control.  There's a whole long list of supposed facts that are simply not true.   So, claims the left,  there are "missing" children and Paul Ryan is using birth control, and not just a condom, but some of the kinds of birth control that he wants to ban.

As usual, the argument is based on nonsense.  First of all Catholics advocate and are permitted to use natural methods of birth control based on a abstaining from sex during a woman's fertile period. Natural family planning is a method that is also used by people who don't want to take a lot of hormones.  In 2007 a study was performed of couples who use this  particular method based on temperature and cervical secretions to determine fertility.   Guess what?  It turns out that for couples who actually follow the method, this type of natural birth control is as effective as the pill.  OOPS.  So it is entirely possible that Paul Ryan and his wife are in complete compliance (or as complete as any of us sinners can be) with the dictates of their faith regarding birth control.

The article also argues that because some of Mitt Romney's grandchildren were conceived through in vitro fertilization, he has somehow violated his  expressed statements that life starts at conception.  I'm really not seeing this one.  First, Mitt Romney has never opposed in vitro fertilization.  Second, the embryos created by this method are implanted in the uterus.  As happens in nature, such embryos do not always successfully implant.  That doesn't mean they have been "killed".

No wonder fewer and fewer people want to have anything to do with these crazy people, by which I mean the far left.  They sound more and more like borderline schizophrenics.

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