Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Flash News: Academics Discriminate Against Conservatives.

Years ago, I was discussing the three strikes initiative with a co-worker.  After explaining to her in detail why I was voting for it, she protested "but all the smart people are voting against it.".  I asked her if she thought I was smart.  Knowing, as she did, that I graduated in the top 10 percent of my class from USC law school, she said "Yes."  She feebly replied that all the OTHER smart people she knew were voting against it.  The idea that liberals have that they are smarter than conservatives and that their expression of liberal views is proof of their intelligence often causes them to blithely and with great self satisfaction, discriminate against conservatives.  Someone finally did a study that supports this from the mouths of the liberals who discriminate.

What is disturbing about this study is that the liberals who discriminate really regard conservatism as proof that the holder of the views is not as intelligent as they are.  They preen themselves with the proof  of their intelligence manifested in their liberal, sometimes anti-God views.  The atheist society, for example, want to be called the "brights".  By calling themselves that they are literally defining disbelief in God as the definition of intelligence.  Incredible.  If you are one of those who agrees with that point of view.  Here is my question for you Do you think that someone who teaches elemenatary particle physics at Cambridge University in England is probably very, very, intelligent?
If so, I can disprove your hypothesis that atheism means you are smart and belief in God means you are done with just one example:  John Polkinghorne.

Of course, there are so many very erudite people who write and lecture on the conservative side that I don't think it really possible of necessary to list them all.  But let me ask you if you think like some academics that being conservative means you are stupid, do you really think you are smarter than William F. Buckley?  Really?

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