Sunday, December 26, 2004

Scott Turow Still Writing Faction

Scott Turow's fiction formula is to write dramatic stories that seem to be real. Here he writes a news story that is old hat. He says that the Democratic party will win because it has young people on its side. His reasoning seems to be that all of us old geezers will die off leaving a group of refreshingly liberal and tolerant voters who will, of course, vote Democratic. Sorry Scott, I heard that one before. When I was a young Democrat. Which was a while ago. A long while ago. A Neo Con, Scott, is a person who has been mugged by reality. That is what turns Democrats into Republicans. It is as natural a force as hair turning gray and wrinkles. ( Althoug I must say that my hair is not gray yet-- and still I am a Republican) This invention by Turow is a symptom of a party that doesn't want to face reality. "It will get better when all the conservatives die off." they tell themselves. Unfortunately for that thought, they have been telling themselves that for thirty years. Heck. Thirty years ago I was one of the people saying it. And, lo and behold, here I am a Republican.

The only Democrat to be successful as president since was a guy who pretended, via welfare reform, the protection of marriage act, and other quasi conservative actions, to be a conservative. Yes, I am speaking about Bill Clinton. Americans are conservative despite the Scott Turows of the world. Keep on dreaming up those plausible fictions Scott. It's made you a millionaire.A Dominant GOP? How So? ( "Kerry's impressive gains among the young just weren't enough to overcome Bush's even more significant gains among the old. But that's hardly a formula for continued Republican domination. Time will take a heavier toll on the older group. And aging voters have sometimes favored Democrats anyway."

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