Monday, December 06, 2004

Judge Thomas for Yourself

The left is already sharpening its knives in contemplation that Justice Clarence Thomas may be nominated to replace Chief Justice Rehnquist. Senate Minority leader, Harry Reid said that Thomas is an "embarrassment" to the court. He accused him of not being able to write. His comment is so painfully typical of the kinds of things condescending racists liberals say about conservative Blacks. In truth, they think everybody who is black is stupid. They are willing to nominate black people to high office only when they are "smart" enough to be thankful to their white liberal friends. It is the new version of Stepnfechit.

So, Senator Reid has issued the challenge. He says Clarence Thomas's opinions are so poorly written that he is an embarassment to the court. Here is a list, with links, of all of his decisions. REad them and judge for yourself if they are poorly written. Or is that they are well written but conservative?Supreme Court Collection: Opinions by Justice

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