Friday, December 24, 2004

Liberals Still Don't Understand the War on Terror

Ms. Carlson, an almost pathologically Bush hating liberal, here demonstrates her concern for victims of the Sudan front of the war of Islam against Christians. Perhaps she doesn't know that it is part and parcel of what is going on in Iraq? How can they be connected? The Janjaweed is part of the Islamo fascist coalition. Oh, it isn't a formal coalition. It is more a movement. But it is a part of a movement that is successful, in part, because people like Margaret Carlson cannot put one and one together and see two.

Islamofascists are, and have been, killing Christians and oppressing them all over Northern Africa, including Northern Nigeria. But political correctness has been a blindfold which prevents liberals from seeing.

'Hotel Rwanda' Should Open Our Eyes to the Genocide in Sudan : "Will 'Hotel Rwanda' open Americans' eyes to the almost identical genocide in nearby Sudan? After Rwanda, presidents Clinton and Bush said that never again would the West turn its back on such suffering. Yet the slaughter in Darfur by the janjaweed and Arab militias has killed tens of thousands and displaced about 2 million more. In September, Secretary of State Colin Powell called the killings genocide, a word the U.S. pointedly didn't use about Rwanda because to do so would have acknowledged a duty to intervene.

War is God's way of teaching Americans geography. Few of us even know where Rwanda or Mogadishu or Sudan are unless, by chance, some American gets caught in the crossfire there. Who can sort out the Tutsis from the Hutus or make an educated guess as to what beyond blood lust, revenge and despair they are fighting over? The Middle East we care about. Africa, we don't.

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