Thursday, May 20, 2004


I decided Blueeyed Blog wasn't such a great name after all. In the
sometime moments of despair that I feel about the state of the world
and the nation, I retreat into my faith-- and remember the words of St.
Paul about how so much is transitory-- prophecy, speaking in tongues,
all those great intellectual accomplishments, will fade away-- what
remains are faith hope and charity-- These three. and the greatest of
these is charity. I like the word charity better than the word love.
Love in this current culture has too many selfish sexual connotations
and not enough unselfish generosity of character connotations. Charity
is not just about giving money but about seeing the best in people. It
is allied with hope and faith.

So, when America seems to be fiddling while the Middle East burns, I
retreat into a recollection that God is in charge of the world and
neither I, nor John Kerry, nor George Bush, and certainly not Ralph
Nader are in charge.

These three-- Faith Hope and Charity and the greatest of these is

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