Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Name This Blog

Starting a blog is a bit intimidating because you have to name it. It reminds me of the baptismal ceremony. After a bit of introductory liturgy the priest commands "Name this child". At that point, as the parent, you realize your response will really bind your baby forever. Blog names should somehow suggest the nature of the discourse to be found there. They should be quirky and appealing. Most important, they more or less have to be different from every other blog name. wqqqqqqqqqqqqQ

Unlike baptismal ceremonies where one has, presumably, thought about the whole thing for a while, I had not really carefully selected a name when the blogging program commanded me to Name This Blog. I came up with BlueEyedBlog only because a) I have blue eyes, b) I liked the name Brown-eyed girl, and her website, and c) a google search suggested the name hadn't been taken yet.

But even such a random decision, I now realize, may well have consequences. Someone will say, "What a racist name" . As if I should apologize for having blue eyes. Or, as if I should apologize for mentioning that fact. Well. I won't.

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