Thursday, September 13, 2012

Obama's Anti-Jobs Policies: The Particulars

When you file a criminal indictment, you have to state the specifics.  What did the perp steal, when did he steal it, where did he steal it.  Similarly, those of us who say Obama is a job destroyer should be specific.

So here goes:

Obama's appointments to the National Labor Relations Board have been extremely anti-business and overreaching.  Example: the Boeing Decision:  The NLRB prohibited the Boeing Company from opening a new plant in South CArolina in which it had already spent hundreds of millions of dollars.  It was anticipated that about 1000 new jobs would have been created.  After hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorney fees, and congressional hearings, the administration dropped its case.  That is not cost free.  Smaller employers who cannot afford to fight back, will just give in to the combination of bureaucratic and union intimidation.  And then they will quietly go out of business.  The laws of economics are as inexorable as the laws of physics.  American goods, including airplanes, have to compete in a world market.  WE already saw the auto industry in the U. S. nearly destroyed because it couldn't compete with foreign auto manufacturers.  The Obama administration thinks that by giving unions whatever want they can somehow change that. It's craziness. They don't live in the real world.

The drilling moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico went on for much longer than necessary, putting some small oil related businesses our of business.

The drop in approval of new oil drilling permits on federal lands reflects an anti-business mode as well.

AS for the complaint that the oil companies get the permits and then don't drill, maybe you should consult Governor Palin about that.  She handled the problem in Alaska and the oil companies started drilling.

The EPA's carbon dioxide regulations, pushed by Obama as a solution to the allegedly rising sea levels
are another anti-jobs action.  It greatly increases the cost of manufacturing, which might explain why so many companies are moving overseas where they don't have to comply with such regulations.

Another example of the anti-business animus is what happened to the maker of Gibson guitars.  After spending around a million dollars on legal fees for what it believed was unjustified, the business threw in the towel and settled.  In the thirties in Chicago when small businesses gave in and paid the protection it was called extortion.  Now its the federal government.  It is bad for business, this extorting small and medium companies.  And people with ideas and money to invest in new businesses are becoming increasingly reluctant to start them because it feels more and more like we are living in a government thugacracy in which government agents hold up small businesses with extortionate lawsuits .

I will post more later.  This is just a beginning.
But the cumulative effect of these anti-business attitudes is that there are a lot fewer jobs because people who might otherwise start businesses see our economy, the U. S. economy, and the U. S. legal framework as just too risky.  And the risk isn't earthquakes or fires.  Its the Obama administrations anti-buinsess animus.

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