Monday, January 17, 2005

Why the Democrats Still Don't get it

The liberal pundits are the brains of the Democratic establishment. Here is a very long article by one who was trying to understand why all those red state people voted for Bush. But in this little quote he reveals his own blindness. (Biblical quote I can't give chapter and verse: There is none so blind as he who will not see.) Here, the reporter repeats the election lie as if he really believes the truth of it. Sure Kerry said the things reported. What he did was always vote against a ban on even partial birth abortion and promise the gay establishment that judges who believe in equal rights for gays would be appointed while he, if elected president, would stay out of it. Now, what really must bother these blue pundits is that red state voters are not nearly as stupid as liberal news reporters wish they were. They don't believe what politicians say, they believe what they do. So when it comes to honesty and accuracy in reporter I think the prize here goes to the lady being interviewed, not the reporter.

The Red Sea ( "She was too polite to say, in so many words, that she felt John Kerry was a man of bad morals. Instead, she put it this way: 'When Kerry said he was for abortion and one-sex marriages, I just couldn't see our country being led by someone like that.'

Later, I double-checked what Kerry had said on those subjects. During his campaign, he opposed same-sex marriage and said that abortion was a private matter. But Joyce Smith heard it the way she heard it, and voted the way she voted."

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