Thursday, January 06, 2005

Sacrificing Security for Political Gain

Having just lost a national election and numerous state and congressional offices, the Democrats seemed determined to prove that they are the party of appeasement and defeat. "If there is something we can do to make Bush look bad, let's do it" they seem to say. "if it makes America look bad even better".

The White House needs to stop caving in to these tactics. No more apologies. OpinionJournal - Featured Article: "So far, the White House has done a perfectly awful job of explaining this. And it now seems to be making the mistake of trying to appease the Gonzales critics with a modest mea culpa for 'over-broad' internal discussions. This retreat began last year with its attempt to distance itself from a legal memo written by some very fine lawyers who were doing nothing more than exploring America's options for defending itself. Predictably, this only emboldened the critics and opportunists, and it won't surprise us to see even Republicans of the McCain-Hagel stripe seize the chance to show their 'independence' before this is all over.

The better alternative is for Mr. Gonzales to go on offense and defend his entirely defensible actions. What the other side is fundamentally asserting is that aggressive interrogations are impermissible under any circumstances and to even contemplate them is to 'set the tone' for torture. This is dangerous both to American security and liberty.

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