Thursday, June 10, 2004

The Political Press

What is becoming increasingly clear when one reads press reports is
that the entire establishment press, with rare exceptions, sees the
Woodward Bernstein Watergate phenomenon as their proper role in life.
That is-- they believe it is not only their right, but their duty to
present the so-called "news" in a light which will sway elections in
the way they think the election should go. Part of the partisan anger
toward Bush is based on the fact that many people felt that had they
only played the game a little stronger, a little better he would not be
president now.

This arrogance, this l'etat c'est moi mentality exhibited by the vast
majority of the press, is part of an odious anti-democratic, liberal
elitism that is part and parcel of Marxism. We, the little people,
cannot be trusted with the facts because we are incapable of discerning
from them the "truth". That is, we will not come to the same leftwing
conclusions as the leftist press so we must not be allowed to have the
information from which to form our own opinions. We can never be
trusted again because we did not vote for the Democrat in sufficient

In order to understand this mentality, one must understand that, to
liberals, membership in the Democratic party is like membership in a
church except enormously more important. Yes, your church might do
things from time to time that you disapprove of but that's no reason to
become apostate.

I believe that it is this reality and it alone that explains Bush's
poor polling numbers. They will not help even to the extent of
broadcasting his speeches. In the end he will have to buy nearly all
of the favorable air time he gets no matter how favoarable the facts
are for him.

Susan Salisbury

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