Sunday, June 13, 2004

It's time to Get Serious

this country is undergoing a mass insanity attack. A prominent author,
Scott Turow, attacks the administration for holding a man who intended
to blow up and kill thousands of Americans in cooperation with Al Qaeda
in custody indefinitely while American soldiers are being blown up and
killed on a daily basis in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Wake up and smell the coffee Scott!. While you are diddling about
getting ready for trial, the terrorist friends of Jose Padilla are
planning to kill you. And me. To be honest Scott, it they kill you, I
will be outraged. But part of me will think you are getting your just
deserts. If they kill me, I will be dead. So, the thing is Scott,
your stupidity, by getting in the way of the people who are trying to
protect me, makes me pretty angry at you. If your being stupid only
affected you, hey, I could live with it. Unfortunately, it affects me
and mine. STOP IT.

You are insane as are all of your liberal brethren. Look at these
people-- the Al Qaeda-- they want to kill you. Jose Padilla wants to
kill you.When are you going to defend yourself?

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