Saturday, January 26, 2013

Getting Ready for Wildflower Season

While God lets us know of His love in many different ways, I think that wildflowers are among the most spectacular ways.  They are sheer, ebullient, joy praising God in their beautiful faces bouncing on the breezes. If you just sit in a field of flowers you can absorb the happiness they proclaim.  It is good to be alive.  Most springs, but not all, the dry deserts around Southern California burst into joyous bloom.

Golden poppies cover the hillsides in March and April in a totally unrestrained fluorescent orange the color of traffic tape. Desert Gold cover the hills around Death Valley.  You can see them from miles away.  I hope we will see them again this year.  I urge you, take some time out to see the world that God made.  It is extraordinary.  It is beautiful.  It won't wait around for you.  You must drop what you are doing and enjoy the beauty when it appears if you are to enjoy it at all.  It comes on its own schedule and not on yours.  But it is worth it.  Truly it is.  Here is a website that will tell your where the flowers are in bloom:

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