Friday, May 04, 2012

My Ongoing Experiment with Bento 4

I am a long time Filemaker user.  My first copy of Filemaker was Filemaker.  Yeah.  They don't name an application Filemaker 1.  So I have used it since it was a flat file database.  But its getting expensive.  $299.00.  Compared to a lot of other products, still a bargain, but I am trying to semi-retire.  And you need a separate Filemaker License for each computer that uses it.  So, to keep using it in my practice is $600  because I haven't upgraded in several years.  So I decided Bento at version 4 might have the features I needed.  Some of it I love.  It automatically links to my addressbook and calendar.  And some of it seems really kludgy.  (My new word).  The main problem is printing.  There is very little user control over how it looks.  There are a bunch of "themes" but you can't alter them and you have very little control over font size.

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